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Guardiansip Software

TechSoft's Guardianship System Software is a database system which allows you to enter information about the guardianship case just once. This information is then merged onto the documents you select to print. The database system saves numerous hours of re-entering information about a guardianship case. Once the information is entered, the data is saved in it's own client file which can be easily accessed at any time for editing or adding information, or simply printing another form. The software also handles calculations for inventory forms, settlement accounting forms, etc.

Benefits and Features

The database system allows you to enter all client information once. Information entered for that client will then be merged into the documents you select to print.

Documents can be printed directly to your office printer or saved to a document file (WordPerfect, MS Word, etc.) for editing.

Create an unlimited number of client files in the software (no per client file charges).

The software calculates and prints Inventory and state-specific Settlement Accounting forms.

Forms can be printed with client information already filled in or left blank.

Form "syntax" changes automatically. Forms adapt to accommodate multiple petitioners, personal representatives, etc.

Installable on a stand-alone computer or for use on a network as a single user. Multi-user module available separately - contact us for pricing.

Firm licenses available. Use the software on any office computer, home computer or laptop used for your firm.

Software and forms updated annually (if applicable).

Computer System Requirements

• IBM 386 compatible computer (or higher)
• 1 Meg RAM
• 22 Meg Hard Disk Space
• VGA Monitor (color preferred)
• Printer (Hewlett-Packard laser works best, but any laser which emulates HP or a DeskJet or Inkjet)
• Mouse (optional)