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Inheritance Tax Software

TechSoft's Inheritance Tax System Software will save you time in creating the documents needed to file with the courts for an Inheritance Tax case. Once entered, the information for a client's case is saved in it's own client file. The information is easily editable and documents can be re-printed with little effort. The completed forms are printed out in the style that is acceptable for your state and have been approved by the appropriate authorities. Calculations are handled for you and you can be assured that they are accurate.

Computer System Requirements

• IBM 386 compatible computer (or higher)
• 1 Meg RAM
• 22 Meg Hard Disk Space
• VGA Monitor (color preferred)
• Printer (Hewlett-Packard laser works best, but any laser which emulates HP or a DeskJet or Inkjet)
• Mouse (optional)

Kansas Inheritance Tax Specifics

The Kansas Inheritance Tax Software calculates and prints the IH-80, IH-90 and IH-100 tax forms as revised by the Kansas Revenue Department including instructions (in a search function) for filing of the tax forms. This product has been reviewed by the Kansas Revenue Department, tested by Kansas accounting firms, and is currently being used by many law firms and accounting offices.

The Kansas Inheritance Tax software links with Kansas Probate so that you do not have to re-enter information (decedent information, asset information) for the Inheritance Tax software.

Special pricing when you purchase the Kansas Probate and Kansas Inheritance Tax system software packages together. Please see the Order Form.

Nebraska Inheritance Tax Specifics

The Inheritance Tax software is included in the Nebraska Probate package. The software calculates and prints Nebraska state-specific Inheritance Tax forms.