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TechSoft Retirement Plans Software

TechSoft's Pension Software was created to assist the employee benefits expert in drafting and submitting volume submitter plans. These plans currently include Profit Sharing, Money Purchase and 401(k)/401(m) plans. The retirement plans have been drafted by Michael J. Canan, a noted authority on employee benefits and author of Qualified Retirement and Other Employee Benefit Plans (now in its 12th edition, West Publ.). With Canan's assistance, TechSoft has developed a document assembly program to save you time in drafting your plans.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique software allows you to confidently draft customized retirement plans.
  • Your documents will be drafted in your office - no waiting for outside parties to create and return your plan.
  • Navigate painlessly through plan-creation process with user-friendly software.
  • Save time and expense with Volume Submitter Approval (Approved in all IRS Key Districts).
  • Summary Plan Descriptions and Adoption and IRS Submitter forms are automatically assembled with each plan, free.
  • Receive faster IRS approval and qualifies for low IRS user fees.
  • Low annual maintenance costs.
  • Free technical support for software use.

Use the TechSoft Solutions Software to Save Time and Money

Draft a plan in less than an hour - Based on your answers, appropriate clauses and options are automatically included and inapplicable questions are skipped. The final product is easy to read and understand. You can complete most plans in less than an hour.

On-screen Help guides you - On-screen help comments guide you painlessly through difficult or complicated questions. These comments direct you to supporting materials for expert, in-depth analysis. Forget spending hours poring over different plans for the right clauses. TechSoft Solutions Retirement Plans Software does it for you!

All the forms you need are assembled - After you answer all appropriate questions, TechSoft Solutions Retirement Plans Software automatically assembles the customized plan and a Summary Plan Description. Then you can print it on your office printer or save the plan as a word processing file for custom formatting and editing. The software also flows through some of the answers to the required IRS forms. It permits you to print forms all the forms you need for IRS submittal: 2848, 5300, 5307 Schedule Q and 8717. Also, it includes model resolutions for adopting and amending the plan, a notice to interested parties and a cover letter to the IRS.

No extra charges for additional plans - And it gets even better! When the next client needs a plan, just repeat the process. There's no additional usage charge. Use TechSoft Solutions Retirement Plans Software as many times as you want for the initial low cost of the software.

Computer System Requirements

• IBM 386 compatible computer (or higher)
• 1 Meg RAM
• 22 Meg Hard Disk Space
• VGA Monitor (color preferred)
• Printer (Hewlett-Packard laser works best, but any laser which emulates HP or a DeskJet or Inkjet)
• Mouse (optional)